4 New Web Design Trends of 2019

4 new web design trends in 2019

A lot has changed throughout the years. In 2019, the internet will continue to move with the growth of new technologies towards new directions. While site designers won’t face any radical change in terms of design methods, some new trends will continue to gain popularity this season.

In this guide, we’ve identified 4. Stick around and have a look.

1. Three-dimensional elements

After a quick rise to popularity, the popular flat design style used online will incorporate some 3D effects this season. You can already see this trend in replacing sharp box corners with rounder ones along with the yield of subtle shadows.

People will use three-dimensional effects to add more depth to their sites to make it look more realistic- that or to add a highlight to important elements by having it literally stand out. The idea is to lessen the distinction between the physical and electronic worlds. Three-dimensional elements help to produce user familiarity with the electronic components and make the interactions on a site feel more natural.

2. Black and white palettes

When your aim is to capture control and visitors, you must concentrate on the colour of your site. Colours can make your interface more user-friendly when creating your brand unified and strong. Many believe that black and white palettes will get more popularity in 2019.

You may be wondering what is so special about white and black. White and black are each other’s opposite. On the one hand, white provides a clean and easy vibe. Whereas, black is bold and strong.

The black and white palette makes us look at things differently. It makes the textures and shapes of a site more prominent. Adding a third party colour to this palette can help to direct the visitor’s focus on the critical areas of a page.

3. Glitch arts

In this competitive area, you want to have an appealing subject matter for your site. The artwork of glitch could be such a theory in 2019. Bear in mind the crinkled movies or the distorted images; we can use these aesthetics to our layout benefit.

4. Organic, liquid organic contours

Geometrically symmetric constructions as square, triangles and rectangles are widely used until today. However, the people’s choice is shifting. Visitors are starting to be attracted to asymmetric and natural shapes.

Natural contours have proved to provide more depth to your site and can make it more lively. They work to create an illusion of motion and can help make the site come alive.