You’re Doing SEO Keywords Wrong…

You're Doing SEO Keywords Wrong, use long tail keywords instead

There’s absolutely no magic formula to SEO.

What is more, high results do not just “happen” as any good digital marketing services will tell you.

Old school SEO was a combination of packed keywords, thin content, and heaps of random backlinks (whether plausible or not). However, doing this in 2019 can get you penalised and shed site authority- all critical factors to high ranks.

Search engine algorithms have become a great deal smarter, and rank websites based on user need/experience.

If there’s at least one thing to hone in on for search engine optimisation, it’s this:

Concentrate on Long-tail Keywords
Long-tail keywords would be the direction that consumer searches are going- a more natural language approach.

You will have an easier time positioning for long keyword phrases than short ones, and it’ll probably bring you more relevant leads.

For example:

Rather than “picture framing”, try “how to frame a picture” or “how much does it cost to frame a picture”.

That particular user may be taking a look at pricing: important information to draw in leads.

Other examples for long-tail keywords can be determined if you do an initial search on Google for the shorter keyword phrase (more commonly called “head term”).